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Precision Soldering is a UK company based in High Wycombe which started its journey through its parent company Gadget Rehab. Having repaired various devices over the past 5 years Gadget Rehab discovered a need for micro soldering, particularly for Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops.


From time to time when things go wrong with our beloved devices they are either taken into repair shops or sent back to the manufacture for diagnosis. Whilst most common faults can usually be rectified with ease, there are some more complex faults that are commonly written off as being Beyond Economical Repair (BER). This is usually due to either, not powering on, liquid damage, or some other board component related fault. This will mean that you or your customer may loose all their data and have to purchase a new phone :(


More often than not these devices are capable of being repair however due to the need for expensive specialist equipment and the rarity of technicians with practical knowledge to repair these devices, they're either disposed of or left in storage in hope that one day they will miraculously work again :).

At Precision Soldering we have invested years into studying to gain the practical knowledge required and have invested in specialist equipment to help find the right solution for these devices. We aim to work with both our B2B client and B2C customers to provide the best solutions for their motherboard, logic board and PCB repair needs. This will not only help reduce the footprint of electronic waste but will also help to continue the life-cycle of perfectly good devices. 

repair electronic circuit Board on infra

Investing in the life-cycle of electronic devices




Precision soldering aim to be the UK's number one choice for micro soldering solutions by 2025. We aim to do this by continuing to build upon our knowledge within the area and promoting our services through the Gadget Rehab network, online marketing and telephone marketing to other repair companies who currently do not have the in house expertise and other businesses that could benefit from our services. 

If you feel that you can benefit from our micro soldering expertise then give us a call on: 01494534008 where we can find the perfect solution for you. 



Micro-soldering is the process of soldering, re-flowing, re-balling or replacing micro chips, BGA's filters, resisters and coils that are so small that they need to be replaced using a microscope. Along with using a microscope, precision tools needed such as hot air flow station, micro soldering pencils and tips, precision tweezers etc. 

Micro-soldering is the final phase a device can go through for repair before it is disposed of or deemed as Beyond Economical Repair (BER)


Our Blog

Our Blog for micro soldering will continue through the Gadget Rehab website for now. Eventually we aim to have a separate blog running through this website where we will be sharing our projects and helpful hint and tips regarding micro soldering solutions. In the meantime why not read our micro soldering section on Gadget Rehabs' website by clicking below.


Ever since the birth of Gadget Rehab we have always been focused on reducing the waste of electronic goods by repairing rather than disposing which helps to increase the life-cycle of electronic goods. The electronics repair industry is forever changing therefore we need to continually ensure our knowledge and understanding of repairing electronic devices is always relevant and up to date.  This means looking at market trends and demands and constantly looking at ways that we can improve the service we offer whilst at the same time focusing on our aim of reducing electronic waste. 

Precision Soldering has opened doors to another world of electronic repair, where we can not only use this specialist knowledge and skill to provide additional services to our customers but also help reduce the electronic footprint of devices which would have otherwise been disposed of. 


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