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Liquid Damaged iPhone 6S

Updated: May 15, 2019

Issue: Liquid damage - customer has tried to dry out using the mythical rice theory. Customer requesting data recovery.

Diagnostics: Corrosion found near the camera connector and near a VCC main Cap by Wi-Fi IC. 0 Amp when plugged in pre-ultrasonic clean. Checked again post ultrasonic clean for shorts. Found PP_VCC_Main_LDO (C3210) and PP_VCC_Main (C5284_RF & C5283_RF) have been corroded and are now short. These will need replacing/removing. No functions have been tested as we cannot power the device up without these caps. The battery has been tested and still has voltage however the ear speaker area was corroded and therefore may need some components replaced as well as the board repair.


£60 board repair to correct shorts on VVC Main


Shorts relieved and device repaired and collected by customer.

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