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Motherboard repairs and micro-soldering solutions. 


Book this service is you are having trouble charging your device or if there is no power at all. Below are some of the common no power and not charging faults.


Book this service is you are having trouble viewing the display on your device or if there is no touch on the digitizer despite changing it. Below are some of the common no image and no touch faults.


Book this service is you are looking for a liquid damage recovery solution. Depending on the extent of the damage your device can be recovered and your data saved using our specialist knowledge and equipment.


Tristar replacements is a common occurrence amongst a range of Apple devices. These chips often go wrong when non original or non CE approved charging cables are used to charge the device regularly or when there has been a sudden spike in voltage. 


Battery filters on various iPhones are easily damaged when completing a battery replacements. This commonly occurs unknowingly and can be mistaken for Tristar or other faults. The battery filter is easily changed and can have your iPhone functioning correctly in no time.


Not powering on devices can be due to a number of reasons. Once the basic test have been completed your board can be examined for damage or shorts that can cause your device not to power on.


Finding shorts can be very, very time consuming however we have repaired so many devices that we have knowledge of common patterns and reasons for no power so we have a bit of a head start in our diagnosis.


It is very important with these repairs that the customer has given full details about how the device came to the point of not powering on and is completely honest with us as this will speed the process and reduce any unnecessary additional cost. 


The touch IC is one of the board level components responsible for the touch function on your device. Commonly known on the iPhone 6 Plus this U2401 IC can fail and may need replacing. This is also common with the 240OHM-350MA 0201 filter on the iPad Pro 12.9 inch when the front screen is replaced. 


We have all been there when completing a repair to find there has been damage to one of the battery or LCD Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC). This can sometimes be caused by DIY jobs that have gone wrong or the a weakness to the circuit over time. Here at Precision Soldering we have years of experience changing these components so please use this service for your resolution. 


When devices come into contact with liquid, it is usually the immediate actions of the user which causes the most damage to the components. Most people will attempt to switch the device on immediately and will try to charge it. These are the worst things that can be done after a liquid spill. 1st Step Switch The Phone Off and contact us asap.   


Sometimes you have exhausted all competent based options and you are convinced that the board has a fault. This is where we can help. Our highly trained staff will be able to diagnose the issue using bespoke fault finding techniques.


Backlight circuit failures can happen for many reasons from liquid damage to incorrect disassembly. We can investigate your backlight circuit to find the cause for your device no longer displaying any image. 

The backlight repair should be booked in with us once you have tried to replace the display with a known good display and you are getting no backlight or a partial backlight. 

It is important with this service that the reason behind the backlight failing is described. Whether this is beause it has been blown completing a repair with the battery still attached or whether is has had no backlight after a drop. 


As part of our liquid damage repair process we will complete an ultrasonic clean to your motherboard. This will clean each chip on your board thoroughly even getting inside the chips through the cavitation process. By completing this process correctly it can remove corrosion build up from the liquid contact and significantly reduce the chances of further corrosion starting to build on your chips. 

Some companies will not complete this within their liquid damage repair process and will simply use IPA to clean the components. 


Having tried the IPA for many years we can assure you completing an ultrasonic clean is far more effective and increases the overall success rate astronomically if completed properly. 

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